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Design and Detailing Service

We believes that success starts with accurate and timely detailing and checking.

Steel Detailing Services | Structural Steel Detailing Drawings Services

SRAVANI INFOTECH & HR SOLUTIONS represents a core steel detailing services to steel fabricators, engineers, steel erectors, contractors and the construction industry. We deliver accurate, timely and best structural steel detailing services to our worldwide clients at most competitive prices and error-free hi-quality structural drawings in the fastest possible schedule. Our steel detailers have capability of handling almost any type of steel detailing projects. We pride ourselves on giving careful attention to structural detail and the satisfaction of producing high quality drawings.

SRAVANI INFOTECH & HR SOLUTIONS believes that success starts with accurate and timely detailing and checking. SRAVANI INFOTECH & HR SOLUTIONS familiars with international structural steel design codes and industry requirements.

Structural Steel Detailing Services at the most competitive prices:

Steel Shop Drawings
Steel Bar Joist Drawings
Steel Assembly Drawings
Anchor Setting Plan
Steel Connection Detailing
Erection Drawings
Steel member Detail Drawings
Staircase Detailing Services
Stair Handrail Detailing Services
Canopy Steel Detailing
Carport Steel Detailing
Steel Grating Detailing Services
3d Modeling Drawings

Structural Steel Drafting & Detailing Sevices

Embeds Layouts and Details with Shop drawings for Embed Plates and Angles
Erection/Framing plans at all Floors and Roof with shop drawings for Columns, Beams and Bracings.
Anchor Bolt Setting Plans and details with Shop drawings for Anchor Bolts and Leveling plates
Elevations with all Bracing and its connection details
Sections with all Field work information Like Field Bolting and Welding
Reports covers Material list, NC & DXF files for members, KSS files and Shop/field bolt list
Steel Structural Detailing Servicesg
Main Steel Detailing
Stair and Handrail Detailing
Structural 3D Modeling
Steel Joist & Deck Detailing
Steel Joist & Deck Detailing
General Arrangement / Erection Drawings for Connection

We Follow the Following International Standards

NISD – National Institute of Steel Detailing
AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction.
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
RSIO – Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada
AS – Australian Standards
BS – British Standards
NZS – New Zealand Standards
SABS – South African Detailing Standards
SDI – Steel Deck Institute
DIN – German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

SRAVANI INFOTECH & HR SOLUTIONS Service Capabilities Includes

Modular Structures
Industrial Structures
Commercial Buildings
Parking Garages
Institutional buildings
Residential Buildings
Foundation Structures

Since 2016, SRAVANI INFOTECH & HR SOLUTIONS is providing professional structural steel detailing, fabrication drawings, Structural Detailing Services, Steel Detailing, Connection Design, Structural Steel Detailing, Main SteelDetailing, Miscellaneous steel Detailing to the engineers and architects. Contact us or send us an email: info@sravaniinfotech.com to get more details about our low price Structural Steel Detailing Services | Structural Steel Detailing Service | Structural Detailing Services | Main Steel Detailing and samples.