Steel Detailing Fundamentals & Advanced Course

Steel Detailing Fundamentals & Advanced Course - Fresher’s


2 Months Courses

Duration: 2 months (100 Hrs Theory + 100 Hrs Practice)

Prerequisites / Eligibility:

The person should be qualified in Diploma / B.Tech of Civil or Mechanical disciplines. If the person has prior experience in the steel industry will help them understand many of the fundamentals and mathematics concepts more easily and more quickly

Course Structure:

Training will consist of oral and visual presentations, demonstrations and set exercises. Each workstation will have a training project, populated with model objects. This will be used by the trainees to practice their methods, and to complete the set exercises.

Course Content:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Structural Steel Detailing

Chapter 2: Contract Documents and the Detailing Process

Chapter 3: Common Connection Details

Chapter 4: Basic Detailing Conventions

Chapter 5: Project Set-up and Control

Chapter 6: Erection Drawings

Chapter 7: Shop Drawings and Bills of Materials

Chapter 8: Detailing Quality Control and Assurance

Chapter 9: Site Visit

Chapter 10: Introduction to Bocad

Chapter 11: Bocad Industry Portfolio

Chapter 12: Basic Course

Chapter 13: Advanced Course

Chapter 14: Sample Projects

Chapter 15: Final Test

Chapter 16: Mock interview


At the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of detailing fundamentals.
  • Be familiar with Bocad Software (3d modeling) and industry needs
  • Be confident working with detailing drawings and processes documents
  • Know the fundamentals around detailing columns, beams, connections and trusses
  • Have the theoretical knowledge of a detailer with years of experience
  • Take the knowledge you have acquired to the detailing shop and be more confident and comfortable in addressing detailing issues
  • Be familiar with Steel Construction Manual and know how to use them
  • Be confident enough to clear the interview