Aveva Bocad Steel

Aveva Bocad Steel

Structural steel detailing software for efficient 3D modeling and fabrication detailing

A proven application with an unrivaled track record on the most advanced structural steelwork projects, AVEVA Bocad Steel provides a powerful general-purpose tool set for the design, detailing, fabrication and construction of almost every type of steel structure.

A proven, out-of-the-box application with an unrivaled track record on the most advanced structural design projects, AVEVA Bocad Steel can deliver value as a stand-alone steelwork solution or as part of an integrated AVEVA Plant or AVEVA Marine deployments.

AVEVA Bocad Steel is especially designed for the Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) market place as a modern BIM/FIM solution. This dedicated software is ideal for use from small fabrication yards right through to large engineering contractors.


With increasingly tight project schedules and profit margins, contractors need to achieve consistently rapid, right-first-time project execution. Structural steelwork is a major element in many engineering projects and in all types of design, but it can account for a disproportionate level of construction problems, rework costs and delays. AVEVA Bocad Steel overcomes this by providing an extensive range of general-purpose functions for structural steel detailing, which interface with the layout functions of AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA Outfitting and the brand new AVEVA E3D.

AVEVA Bocad Steel meets the needs of both engineering and fabrication, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for steelwork design and construction. Industry-specific extensions are available through the selection of the AVEVA Bocad Onshore or AVEVA Bocad Offshore add-on packs. These further increase project efficiency by saving time and increasing design quality on all types of onshore or offshore structures.

Key Features

AVEVA Bocad Steel features a unique generic data model which is readily adaptable to the widest possible range of industry applications. Unlike many rival solutions which are designed only for specific industries, this flexible, generic nature enables AVEVA Bocad Steel to be used effectively for any type of structural steelwork design and to be readily extended and optimized to meet new requirements.

AVEVA Bocad Steel is a true engineer’s design tool; it works the way engineers work and does not require extensive user retraining or unfamiliar working practices. Importantly, it works with AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA Outfitting and the brand new AVEVA E3D, and can immediately deliver value on any AVEVA Plant or AVEVA Marine project.

AVEVA Bocad Steel is the most versatile, the most accurate, and the most complete steelwork solution in its class. Specific features include:

  • Interactive design, with an unlimited number of views and sections available
  • Parameterized templates enable commonly used designs to be stored and reused
  • Customizable macro language for increased automation
  • Fully intelligent connections retain integrity as the design evolves
  • Full clash-checking capabilities
  • Extensive library of standard, special and user-definable profiles, bolts and welds
  • Support for industry, national and customer-specific standards
  • 2D-3D association, ensuring that drawings accurately reflect the 3D model
  • Automated generation of fabrication data, including general arrangements, component and assembly drawings, BoMs, weight and CoG reports.
  • Strong links with CNC machinery and production management systems
  • Deliverables available in PDF, DXF, XLS and VRML formats
  • Built-in, configurable, automatic marking of members, bolts and welds for efficient and accurate construction
  • Extensive support for the control of construction
  • Change highlighting and audit trail
  • Project management support, classifying structures by phase, family, layer and so on

Whilst AVEVA Bocad Steel is designed as a standalone product to be used in the layout and detail of all forms of steel structures from the conceptual to fabrication phase of the steelwork life cycle, it can be further enhanced by the additional functions and library items which are available by selecting the industry specific AVEVA Bocad Onshore or AVEVA Bocad Offshore add-on packs. (See separate data-sheets.)